The smart cat has got a chance to graduate with his mom as he showed wonderful attendance during all the online classes


Gradfuation is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life.

It is the most exciting time for all the students and their families who have been waiting for that day for so long.

This special day became even more special for Francesca Bourdieu, as she decided to celebrate it with her beloved cat, Sukki.

Sukki has been an integral part of her online classes for the past two years, so Bourdieu thought something had to be done for her, as she saw it as a joint achievement.

So a brilliant idea came to her. She made a hat and a dress for the little cat to attend the ceremony with her and to be a perfect match for the day.

During the epidemic, as soon as Sukki heard her mother’s voice on Zoom, she immediately went and sat in front of the computer.

Suki has been a member of their family for more than 2 years and he adores to learn new things.

He does it very well and he can quickly master new tricks.

During the lesson, Sukki helped Bourdieu a lot by providing her with the emotional support she needed most during the online lessons.

One day when one of the professors asked the students to show their pets, it turned out that Bourdieu was not the only one whose pet always supported her during classes.

Bourdieu is confident that together they will still have many new achievements.

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