For 2 years she used to think that her beloved dog had died, but once she got an e-mail, which changed her whole life


The woman thought that her beloved dog had died ․․․

Once she got an e-mail from one shelter, but she thought it was just a joke or a prank.

A senior Chihuahua named Jazz was found by volunteers wandering around nearby streets.

She considered it meaningless because she was convinced that her beloved Jazz had died two years ago.

Here is how it all happened. The first meeting between Trist and her dog took place four years ago.

When the woman saw the dog, the sign “Do not caress” was placed on his cage, but she decided to ignore it because she felt that there was an inexplicable connection between her and that dog.

After two years, Trist had to move from California to Kansas.

As she was very busy there,she felt that she was not going to have enough time to take care of her dog.

So she asked one of her friends to take care of the dog while she would be able to take care of the dog properly.

But after a while, when Trist tried to contact the couple to get the dog back, they repeatedly ignored her calls, even deleting their accounts.

She called them day and night, but no one answered. Six months later, her fiancé was finally able to find them and ask to return their dog.

Trist was looking for her beloved dog so much that she thought she would never see him again, but fortunately the dog had a microchip.

When she was informed that Jazz had been found,s he did not believe it at first, but went to the shelter they had mentioned.

When she entered the shelter and saw the boy, it was simply an indescribable moment.

When the dog started walking towards her again, she simply could not hold back her tears.

Of course, Jazz immediately recognized his mother, wagging his little tail incontinently.

Two years later, they finally found each other.

Now the sweet dog is finally at home and he does not leave his mother for even a minute, following her wherever she goes.

He does not even allow her to go anywhere without him.

What happened to the dog was not revealed and it remained a mystery, but the important thing is that he is already at home and safe, ready to spend his golden years surrounded by his loving family.

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