More than 6 years later the egg of the pelican has finally hatched making them the happiest parents


The happy parents had been waiting for that day for a long time ․․․

For a long time none of their eggs hatched, but their rescuers seemed to had found the right solution for the couple.

Thanks to the strategy they developed, they were able to help the couple and from that day everything in their life has changed.

These pelicans are often found in large areas where there is open water and they are also devoid of dense vegetation.

When their babies are born, they are blind and naked. They lay 1-3 eggs each year.

These pelicans had been waiting for that day for more than 6years, and when the guardians put an egg in Mr.Percilval’s nest, it finally hatched a few days later.

Everyone wanted to see how the couple would react when they saw it.

Their excitement was simply indescribable. They waited so long and finally that day came.

Mr. Percival even made them cry with his boundless excitement and happiness.

The parents were obviously madly in love with their newborn baby.

Persival is obviously a very loving and devoted father who is fully committed to caring for his babies.

According to the center’s officials, the baby is developing normally, as the father is constantly taking care of him.

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