During their working day the pit bull suddenly fell off the boat, but 4 days later the baby appearred…


The monster has grown up at sea, who joins Keith on his boat almost every working day.

Together they go to Galveston Bay off the coast of Texas, where he eats, sleeps, and plays on the boat deck.

They are often there and the dog feels quite well, but recently something happened that was just unexpected for everyone.

During the last visit, he suddenly slipped off the boat. It happened when Keith was not looking at him.

The dog barked at the birds as usual and did its job while they fished, but when it was time to go home and he was gathering the nets to go home, the dog could not be found anywhere.

How could he go home without his best friend? His heart was broken.

He decided to post a photo on Facebook, but he did not have hopes that they would be able to find him.

However, he posted pictures of Monster for 7 days. Finally, a few days later, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope.

One woman, seeing the announcement, said she saw a dog that looked like that man’s dog.

The garden mentioned by the woman was about 5 miles away, and he hurried there.

He was so excited when he learned that his dog was alive.

Monster was also so happy to see his owner that he started kissing him non-stop.

Their reunion moved everyone, including many-many users, who were eageսrly awaiting the good news.

They are now back at work, but the dog already has a new vest and a retractor.

We are so happy that he is back home with his loved ones again.

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