A few months ago the world’s first zonkey was born, which inheritted the most wnderful traits of its parents


Little Ippo was recently born in Florence. He is so sweet and small that he can be considered the first zonkey in the world.

His parents met in the animal sanctuary. Apparently, they decided to carry out such an experiment and in fact we see the result of the experiment.

The sweet baby was born only 5 months ago.

His parents’ meeting took place when zebra jumped over his fence and entered the cage.

12months after their meeting, a baby boy named Ippo was born.

Such hybrids are very rare in the world.

They inherit different traits from their two different parenting types, which is what makes them so unique.

His general appaerance is more like that of a donkey, but the babty has striped legs and a belly, as well as a wilder character than a donkey.

Sadly, these hybrids are often infertile due to the number of chromosomes.

Nevertheless, they have no other health problems that could prevent these sweet creatures from living happy lives, and also make many new friends in the sanctuary.

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