The kind-hearted veterinarian rescued the life of the poor puppy even risking his own life


It is not always easy to make the right decision. That also aslways requires a lot of courage.

Recently we witnessed an incident that deserves our attention.

It is about the veterinarian Ovidiu Rossu, who has taken a very heroic step recently.

A few days ago, a veterinarian was driving on a busy Romanian highway when he suddenly noticed something in the center of the road.

The frightened puppy was hiding under the banister, trying to protect himself from the cars that might hit him.

The veterinarian decided to get closer to the puppy and try to get him out of there, as it was very dangerous.

So he approached and carefully tried to pull him out under the banister.

He managed to catch him quickly so that he would not run away from him. The pictures show everything that happened in a matter of seconds.

Of course, at first it was difficult to earn the trust of this beautiful baby, because he was very scared. Fortunately, everything worked out for him.

Thanks to this kind-hearted man, the baby’s life was saved.

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