The house of the golden-hearted couple has become the happiest place for elderly dogs who enjoy their lives to the fullest


Michelle and Jeff Allen are just a golden-hearted couple who do their best to help animals that are nearing the end of their lives.

Their home has become a real shelter for dozens of dogs who have had the opportunity to spend the last days of their lives in peace.

At the Allen House, these dogs have their own cribs. The volunteers do everything to make them feel happy.

They can play together by the lake, receiving delicious food every day.

They also do not forget to visit the vet regularly.

What else do they need for perfect happiness?

Almost all of these dogs that live in their home have had a rough and cruel past, devoid of love and warmth.

The Allens then founded Monkey’s House, a non-profit organization that has become a happy home for elderly dogs, where they receive the boundless love and care they have needed throughout their lives.

If it were not for this couple, these dogs would die in shelters or on the streets, not knowing what it means to be loved and to live in a caring family.

Thanks to the big hearts of these people, these dogs can enjoy every day of their lives..

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