When the family looked out the window they noticed that their dow was not alone….


Bailey is a sweet old dog whose reward is to give love and warmth to others. She was only 4 years old when she was rescued.

It happened in 2007. Arthur and his family are just so happy that they met this dog that day and brought her home, making her a full member of their family.

This dog was previously used as a breeding dog until her family came to her rescue.

Bailey recently proved that she still has motherly instincts, showing her boundless love and care.

It all started when his family decided to move to the village. Bailey’s family was not sure if the wild cat that once lived there would still be there.

However, they decided to put food for him, but no one was there.

At the same time, their dog was doing something that still seemed incomprehensible to them.

But then everything became clear when one day his family noticed something very interesting through the window.

Bailey was sitting on the balcony, but it turned out that she was not alone.

She was with the wild cat that felt very safe in the presence of his new protector and also his friend.

They were also very happy that the cat had returned and also become the new member of their familly.

The cat now lives with them all and follows the doggy wherever she goes.

Bailey seems to have become her mother, who is ready to give all motherly her love and care to her baby.

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