Hercules is the biggest cat in the wolrd, which is very active and sociable and wheighs more than half a ton


Hercules who is from Miami is worth recognizing as he is considered as one of the biggest cats in the whole world.

He weighs about half a ton. As you can see, it is not an ordinary cat, but a mixture of a tiger and a lion.

The number of this type of animal in the world is already less than 30.

He was born in 2003 and was cared for by Dr.Bhagavan Entle, thanks to which the animal still feels incredibly calm. Hercules also appeared in the Guinness Book in 2007.

At that time he was 3.7 meters tall and weighed about 415 kg.

Impressive, isn’t it? Despite his enormous size, he was very flexible and could reach very high speeds.

However, Hercules was not the only one.

There was another liger that weighed almost 800 kg. It was considered the largest cat of that time.

Unfortunately, it died in 2007, and now Hercules is considered the biggest.

Hercules is known for being very active and sociable because he was surrounded by people from the day he was born.

However, be careful. After all, he is a wild animal.

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