The giant dog adores his little sister so much that he is even ready to ride her on his back all day long


Everything that happened was very sad for a little puppy named Lulu.

This is primarily because he was too young to be alone. Even the smallest things that seemed harmless could be a great challenge for him.

Fortunately, life turned out to be better in the future because he was going to met the kindest and sweetest creature evere.

So one day little baby who had a very hard past met Blizzard.

Despite its size, Blizzard is the most delicate giant we have ever meet. But there is another sweet hero in this story, Lulu as we mentioned before.

As soon as the giant dog met Lulu, they immediately became friends and he began to take care of her.

It is true that taking care of her means carrying her on his back, but it did not bother him at all.

He takes care of the baby as if she were his own sweet sister.

The little dog sits on the back of her giant brother every day and they go to explore the world together.

Thanks to her beloved brother, little Lulu goes on various adventures and spends a wonderful time.

A caring brother like Blizzard is ready to comply with all of his little brother’s requests.

People are so excited to see this beautiful duo together. They are just awesome.

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