When the dog was brought to the shelter, he even couldn’t stand, but look how wondeful he looks now


Recently, a 10-month-old dog was brought to an animal rescue center. He had lost so much weight that you can easily see his bones․

All, that was known about him was that he had been locked in a small room for a long time, without food or even water.

The dog was named Barila after the famous spaghetti pasta. That’s because he was so thin.

He could not even walk on his own and could hardly stand.

When he was brought to the center, he weighed only 7kg at that time, and now his weight has already reached 21 kg.

At first there was little hope that he would be able to recover. His muscle mass was almost atrophied.

Gradually, however, he began to recover and even eat normally.

After a few weeks, he was able to walk better. Everyone took a deep breath and realized that the danger was over.

Now Barila even has a very big family, and everyone loves him very much.

There are 5 other dogs in the house, who got along very well and warmly welcomed Barilla.

Barilla’s great desire for life simply amazed everyone.

From the 4th day of recovery, he was gaining almost a 4 kilogram during one day, as he was fed 5-6 times a day.

When you look at his first photo, and now, you will be simply amazed by his magical transformation.

We are very grateful to everyone for sparing no effort for saving the dog’s life and now he can enjoy his life in his caring family.

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