The german shepherd became adoptive father for the wounded little deer, helping him recover


It is considered that german shepherds are very smart and loyal dogs that can even sacrifice their lives for the sake of their owners. Sarj is just like that.

Cheryl has a dog named Sarj who lives on their small farm in Ohio.

From an early age, when she met wounded animals, she would bring them home and treat them.

She now has two sons, and they too have learned from their mother how to care for animals in need.

Sarj has been living in their family for 9 years already. They have other dogs, but the rest are mixed breeds. They saved all of them in time.

Many have been abandoned and brought home from the streets, there are also adopted ones and those who were simply given to them by others because they could not keep them! They are all wonderful.

In fact, Sarg has not always been so kind and calm.

When he was brought home, the dog was quite mischievous, but he began to change dramatically a few years ago when his owner brought home a small cub that was injured.

From that day on, he seemed to become the baby’s father.

It was a little deer. They immediately bonded with each other and were so warm to each other.

In addition to deer, they have roosters, chickens, horses and ponies on their farm. Recently a sheep and a small goat were added.

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