Chiang Mai Park presented amazing footage of a baby elephant taking its first bath


For all parents, the baby’s first bath is a very emotional moment. At first the parents are very afraid to do something wrong and harm their child.

They usually find the softest sponge they can have.

Well, what refers to wildlife there’s nothing to be concerned about, cause everything here is relatively easier than in the case of humans.

Here the parents do everything guided by their animal instinct. All that can be seen in the presented video.

These wonderful shots were provided to us by the Chiang Mai Park located in Thailand. They care for and protect these animals.

Here we present you the cheerful and wonderful moment, where the elephant is bathed for the first time.

His reaction is definitely worthy of your attention, which will definitely make you smile, and it will be enough for the whole day.

The baby elephant was very surprised by what was happening to him, but he was also calm, because his mother was by his side.

Once he gets used to the water, he starts having fun and enjoying his first bath.

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