After 46 years the blind elephant finanlly got the feeling of freedom for the first time… Such a heart-touching moment


Animals are the most wonderful creatures on our planet,։ it does not matter if they are wild or domestic.

All of them need to be properly cared for and helped if they need it.

We often realize that animals can be smarter and more sensitive than most people.

Many people do not believe in the intelligence of animals, but there are many many examples that prove it.

Here we will tell about an elephant who lived a cruel life because of ruthless people.

So the hero of the story is an elephant named Karma, which has been used as a prop for more than 46 years.

The elephant used to beg for money in India and carried heavy loads.

Finally came the day he had been waiting for all his life. For the first time after his birth he felt what freedom is. he got the taste of freedom.

A wonderful organization called Wildlife SOS gave him a sense of freedom.

They also recorded that heartbreaking moment, and now we can watch it too.

It was such a moving moment for everyone. Karma is now receiving complex treatment.

It should also be noted that the elephant is blind, but fortunately he receives proper care and feels calm and safe.

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