2-year-old boy just adores kittens brought from the shelter and the care he gives them amazes everyone


Sam, who is only two years old, just adores kittens.

He does not consider them as ordinary soft toys, as most children of that age think, and even on the contrary, he takes them quite seriously and looks after them very attentively.

It all started six months ago. Sam’s mother, Lacein, went to the shelter to adopt small kitties to care for them until they would find eternal homes.

As she mentioned, it turned out that, it was one of the greatest decisions she had made in her life. Here is why.

Sam, his son were so excited when kittens appeared in their home. His eyes just shone with excitement.

He spent the whole day with them, carefully following them and studying.

He also tried to find out what they like to do, what their eyes and ears look like.

So he was interested in everything about cats and he just loved spending time with them and playing games.

Lacey was initially afraid to leave the boy near the cats, thinking he was too young and could accidentally hurt them, but to everyone’s surprise, Sam was so careful and attentive.

The little boy gently caressed them.

From that day on, they could not imagine their lives without cats. Sam just adores them.

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