After rescuing the cat from the street it turned out that he had serious health problems and needed immediate help


When he got to his new home, the kitten was so lively and active.

His owner said that from the very first day he was brought home, it was quite obvious that he loves people very much and is perfectly able to communicate and get along very well with everyone.

This shocked the family members, as it is very rare for cats to get used to their new home so quickly, especially when it comes to older cats.

Scott adopted him when he was nine years old.

Garry wandered the streets for a long time, hoping to find a shelter until Scott noticed him and decided to bring him home.

He immediately became friends with Scott’s other cat, named Peak.

At first, when Scott wanted to bring the cat home, he noticed that he looked very nervous but it lasted only a few minutes.

Then they came home, but after a while it became clear that Garry had health problems that were more serious than they had imagined.

So his family rushed him to a veterinarian for a medical examination.

He had very hard times at the clinic, but after a while the cat finally returned home, and Peak was so happy to see his best friend again.

Peak is always so calm when Garry is by his side. They are wonderful friends and are ready to help and support each other in all the difficult moments of their lives.

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