One day when me and my husband went for a walk we met my mother who was begging for money. I was so ashamed…


My mother is now 72 years old. I live separately with my family. Of course she needs help,so I help her but I can not bring her to live with us.

Our home is very small and also my mother is a big fan of dogs and cats.

We live in the same city, but separately. She lives with dozens of pets in her house.

She also feeds stray dogs and cats, and spends all the money I give her on animals.

So I decided to stop giving her money. Instead I took food and other necessities for her, paid for the utilities, bought all the medicine, and left some money for other expenses too. She also receives a pension, but that is not enough.

Recently me and my husband went for a walk, and this is what happened that day…

While walking, we met my mother on the way. I was shocked ․ she was sitting on the stairs begging for money…

I was unbearably ashamed. My husband was also in shock because he knew that I took care of my mother’s expenses.

It turned out that she had brought several dogs home and they needed immediate treatment.

What will our friends and colleagues think if they see my mother in that condition?

Of course, they will say that I left her without any help and support. I decided to talk seriously with her, asking her not to do anything like that again!

But you know what? I think she is still continuing it … I do not even know what to do.

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