My mother-in-law always wanted to know how much money I earn and here is what she did one day…


My mother-in-law always wants to know how much money I earn. When she asked me about my wage, I asked her why she was asking.So she was very offended by my answer, complaining to my husband that I had spoken rudely to her. In fact, my husband is not particularly interested in how much my wage is, and I do not think that anyone other than me should be interested in it.

So my mother-in-law, seeing that I was not going to answer her questions, decided to find out about it on her own. Here is what she did next.
She called my workplace, contacted the accounting department and, mentioning my name, asked about my salary. The employees did not answer her question, saying that they had no right to provide such information. When I came to work, they told me about it and I was very angry.

I immediately called her and asked why she had done such a thing. At first, of course, she was confused, but then she said that since I had not told her, she decided to find out on her own. I told my husband about it and he was very angry when he found out what had happened. I am lucky that my husband is never interested in such issues. He thinks that a man should earn money for the family, and I can spend my money the way I want or find it right. Of course, I also invest in our budget, but not completely.

My husband deals with other expenses and there are no problems with that. We have never had financial problems before. But my mother-in-law constantly wants to get involved in these issues and does not calm down. She even wants to teach my husband to manage my finances as well. But the important thing is that my husband does not listen to her.
My mother-in-law probably imagines that I have a lot of money and am keeping it from my husband. I don’t know why my wage does not give her peace…

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