The cat who can’t walk can see the world and enjoy his life due to the backpack


Sarg has some problems with the movement. He was born with cerebral hypoplasia.

His problems were caused by an abnormal brain defect. The little baby can not even walk.

Fortunately, he can feel the world with the help of this wonderful backpack.

His savior, Michel Donlick, helps him with that. She has become the hero of the cat and he will be grateful to the girl for the rest of his life.

Sarg is very friendly and always manages to make many friends.

The Avalo cat shelter has already become the home of Sarg and 360 other cats.

Sarge came here when he was only a few months old. From that day on, the good people here take care of him.

There are many cats like Sarg that can not walk at all.

But that does not stop them from feeling happy.

Sarg’s two cat friends are also waiting for their backpacks so they can go for a walk too.

They have already fully adapted to all the conditions and feel calm.

There are many cats who have a number of problems here, one lost his leg the other was paralyzed, but still they did not give up and want to enjoy their lives to the fullest and see everything they can.

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