Due to his unusual and unique appearance people always call the kitty ‘grandpa’


They wanted to euthanize him so that he would not suffer ․․․

However, the owners refused to take that step, believing that everything would be settled.

The baby was diagnosed with a serious illness. The ship had a crack that prevented him from eating.

He needed surgery, but for that the cat had to gain weight.

The second problem was with the twisted tendons, which made the paw look irregular.

Many people call a kitten a grandpa because of its unusual and unique appearance.

The owners were told how to properly care for the cat. They should take care of him very carefully.

It was necessary to feed the cat every two hours with the help of a probe, as well as to massage its paws at the same interval, so that it would gradually recover. This was the schedule for the next few weeks.

After a while, the little grandpa finally opened his eyes, which made the owners so happy, believing that everything was finally going to be alright.

He underwent several surgeries and the baby began to feel better day by day.

Let us thank all the people who did not give up and fought to save the baby.

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