After meeting each other for the first time two adorable dogs has become best friends


You will just be amazed when you see these two adorable pups who have become real stars.

No one can pass by them indifferently. These two wonderful dogs have created such a wonderful company that just amazes everyone.

Every time they meet, they greet each other warmly, as if they were old friends.

Simba and Cooper, who actually live in the same neighborhood, first met in their backyard. From that day on, they greet each other warmly every day.

They also go to the park together almost every weekend and have a great time together.

They also go out to the yard and meet each other with the permission of their owners.

Both friends are both one year old. They have known each other since the day they were adopted.

They live in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Their bond also amazes their owners. They never miss a chance to meet each other.

You’ll just admire the scene when the two puppies greet each other and hug each other lovingly.

They are very popular on the Internet. This is how real friendship happens. How adorable.

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