She adopted the dog with the tumor and provide him with the best life that he couldn’t even imagine


Get to know Patty Dawson, a wonderful person, who always does a lot of work worth of huge respect.

She was created Dallasdog rescue rehab org. to save stray dogs, and especially it’s for dogs that are unlikely to ever be adopted.

This dog was one of those dogs when he was brought to a shelter one day. He was called Serenity.

He is slightly different from other Huskies in appearance and is very special.  After coming to the shelter, they started to do do anything for him to feel safe.

He has a tumor, due to which his snout looks like this. Most of his bones were damaged by that tumor.

Dawson knew Serenite deserved the opportunity to fight and a happy future despite all that.

So they were ready to do anything to save the dog’s life by fighting to the end.

They turned to an oncologist and other specialists for help.

The dog can actually see well, eat, play, but they can not correct his tumor.

Still, he feels happy and is surrounded by caring people.

Dawson personally takes care of his beloved dog, providing him with the best life. They are very happy together.

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