The dog whose tail had been cut with scissors, after all that terrible difficulties finally found his forever home


The cruel man cut his pet’s tail with scissors, but luckily kind people rescued him in time and he have finally found its happy place.

The dog is named Smouse, who lives in De Dorns, South Africa. Happily , Sidewalk Specials came and rescued him from a cruel life.

Owner cut off his tail with scissors, and left the dog in terrible pain.

The little doggie was dreaming about when someone would finally come to his rescue, and fortunately that day came soon.

His savior came from Sidewalk Specials. When the organization broke into their house, it confiscated the dog from its cruel owner.

They had to work to heal him,but both mentally and physically. In spite of all the hard days he saw, he now lives a very happy life.

The dog has endured many traumas and he has even found a home he just adores, and which he definitely deserves.

Though he was left outside with open wounds and some infections, luckily he found his loving family, where many toys and new friends were waiting for him.

We just could not be happier for him.

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