Stray kitten who was found in their garden has got the most caring friend and ‘father’ ever


This family has adopted three adult cats, named Jack, Lou and Stavros.

It happened a year ago when they were living in Greece. They also have wonderful dog friends.

They thought the three cats were enough, but that changed when a cute little cat visited them.

Although he was obviously very thin, he still seemed to be lost.

What surprised the woman the most was the fact that her other cat, Stavros, joined the cat.

They seemed to be old friends. The orange cat had taken responsibility for the kitten, “following him everywhere” while he was playing.

They were very caring and often hugged each other.

The cat felt very protected. It did not take long for his family to realize what a wonderful bond the two had.

Stavros even let the cat eat from his plate and did not mind.

After all, he knew what it was like to be hungry while living on the streets.

Seeing this, the woman decided to prepare extra food for the cat, hoping to gain her trust.

The little boy learned to trust them. He even began to let them caress him when he came every day.

They decided to call him Charlie because he was trying to imitate what Stavros was doing.

Stavros began to treat him as if he were his father. They began to spend more time together and became inseparable.

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