The mommy dog has given birth to 18 dalmatians, which shocked everyone with its record number


Of course, we have all heard the story about 101 dDalmatians. This story also seems to be an episode from a real fairy tale. Veterinarians thought that the mother dog would have just three puppies. But what happened instead? The mother dog gave birth to 18puppies, which was just a record. They are so wonderful. A real fairy tale.

Breeder Cecilia Bunker says that the “fairytale” appearance and colors of the cubs are constantly compared to the famous Disney movie. At first, the wonderful cubs needed to be fed every 4 hours, with a bottle. Totally there were 12females and 6 male cubs. They’re all so cute and beautiful. Their mother and father has became parents for the first time, and so many cubs at once. This was even more amazing because veterinarians initially predicted that only three cubs would be born.

Cecilia, who heads Dalmatians center, said that the veterinarian expected the mother dog to have about 3 cubs, and that things were going smoothly. Then the veterinarian realized that he made a mistake. They’re just so wonderful. Haven’s seen such a beauty before. Wish their huge family best of luck .

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