The U.S. government welcomed 92 loyal and brave military K9 dogs, arriving from Afghanistan


K 9 service dogs who serve alongside the human service members, deserve to be treated in a best way. They play very important roles here.

These highly trained and skilled dogs are mainly used to detect drugs, bombs, weapons and dangerous gases. They have an average detection rate of 98%. Imagine for a second that it is more accurate than any equipment ever created.

These dogs definitely deserve our utmost respect for everything they do. The service also continue to care for the dogs when they finish their work.

The US government recently contacted AMK9 to bring home the 92 war dog heroes who had completed their deployment in Afghanistan more than 7,000miles away.

The meticulous planning involved in this huge task was incredible: airport transfers, boxes, food, bath breaks, airport transfers and more.

In this video you can see the rather long process of returning the dogs to the US. It is so nice to see how proudly AMK9 takes care of K9 heroes. They show the respect that any veteran of the armed forces deserves.

It turns out to be really exciting when those who are retiring are adopted by the handler they worked with abroad. The bond between the two becomes incredibly strong as their lives literally depend on each other during their service.

The devotion of AMK9 to these veterans is simply highly respected. They consider them not as military equipment, but real comrades-in-arms, real heroes. Our respect and homage to all of them.

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