They rescued him from the cold streets, who was freezing and starving, but look at this sweetie now


Our best friend dogs are the kindest creatures on our planet, regardless of the unfounded hypotheses about some of their breeds.

Rescuers once rescued a small pitbull found in the backyard of a house with a blanket. He was literally freezing unbearably, he could not even stand up.

He was completely alone and had lost hope of being saved. Imagine his happiness when he realized that his rescuers had come and that he would not have to sleep outside.

His name was Arugula. This beautiful and bright dog was promptly taken to a vet for examination, where he received full treatment and care.

And a few days later he was ready to leave the shelter to find a new home, but his body was still weak and he needed time to get over everything.

Fortunately, he came to adopt a very caring family, which needed the dog the most.

Now the kind dog lives with his loving, very caring owner in his new home, who does everything for him and takes great care of him.

He also wears a nice sweater cause it is cold outside. The dog can also sit or stand but its legs still weak.

The dog is in the process of gaining strength to live a full life.

He also has another dog friend who has become his wonderful companion.

he is very excited to be surrounded by such a warm family.

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