Firefighters pulled eight cubs out of the drain, thinking they were puppies, but after the examination it turned out something else


Some time ago a wonderful event took place, thanks to which 8 pups were saved.

This is how it all happened. One ordinary day, firefighters, led by Brian Vaghn, received a call saying they were eight cubs in the ditch and needed immediate help.

They assumed these little creatures were left by their indifferent and heartless owners in the drain.

So immediately after the call, the firefighters arrived. After about 20 minutes, the cubs were carefully taken out one by one.

Fortunately, no one was injured and everyone is healthy. The rescuers were only worried about the fact that they did not look like puppies at all.

Nevertheless, the rescued “cubs” were taken to an animal rescue organization to receive the necessary care and assistance.

After examination by the veterinarian, it turned out that they were newborn foxes.

That surprised them a lot. However, the head of the shelter says that foxes have become very common in their area.

And for the production of generations, they often choose less suitable covers, for example, sewer manholes.

After discussing, the experts decided to return them and wait for the mother to return. If s he does not show up, they will be sent to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

And also here you can see the video of their rescue process by firefighters ․

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