Dog from shelter who’s been wearing a Christmas sweater for 2 months finally finds a ‘Forever Home’


A doggie named Bobby was taken to Miame Dade animal service , and melted the hearts of the volunteers who worked with him. but, sad to say, Bobby wasn’t adopted immediately. Even after 2 months things were still looking very dark for him. That’s because he was placed on the code red list where no animal wants to be on.

However, there is a hope that everything will change, due to social media. They decided to post a pic of him where he was wearing a Christmas-sweater. But ,nevertheless, doggie looked sad and broken.

They that this picture would help him and a miracle would happen to him and he will get the best life .The caption written on the photo was helpful as well. It assured to act right, because if they didn’t do that, Bobby would die.

They was willing to pay for his adoption costs as well. They just wanted to find someone who would give him a warm home…Which happened luckily! There was a flood of support.

There’s a lot ot people who wanted to save his life and as fast as possible. One of them was Robert Miler. When he saw Bobby’s picture, where he looked sweet and the very sad at the same time he realized he should do step in.

He is a worker in a rescue group and he knows very well what happens to puppies like Bobby if they don’t find a family immediately.

There is anoher volunteer named Paula that beat Miller to his punch! When he came to the shelter, Bobby was taken to the clinic to get analysed. He got a cure for some little issues. Paula took a step forward to make his life better than it has been.

She knew that the pic they posted, would attract a lot of people . That’s why she wanted to help Bobby the sooner the betterr. Four-legged creatures like dogs don’t deserve to be alone in holidays and spend sadly.

We are so happy that that didn’t happen to Bobby and he has got a second chance to live a happy life. Finally they found for him his ‘furever home’ .

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