The she-wolf came to the village to ask for food, and the forester took pity on her: two months later she did not come to him alone
That was very cold, one day the forester Stephen was sitting at his house and drinking tea, when he suddenly heard some noise which was under his fence
A man saved a she-wolf with cubs, and 4 years later, fate brought them together again
One day a man was walking by a stream when he suddenly saw that there were some trees between the trees. He looked closely and saw that it was a wolf that
A Wolf Family Strike A Pose For The Camera
Cameras scouring the Wolf Conservation Center recorded something strange and incredible. They are captured in a family of diamond loops and cut in pose
The girl was raising an orphaned wolfs
If people bring homeless cats from the streets, this girl Alida adopted a wolf who was abandoned by her mother. He keeps the wolf in his house and treats it like a pet.
Photographer Captures Rare Close Encounter With A Minnesota Black Wolf
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The man, who saved the life of mother wald and her 4 little cubs, decided to visit his old friends after 5 years from that unforgettable days
One day a very thin man was on his way to Kupriyan Island looking for gold. After a while he saw a wolf. The man was so scared that he could not even move for a while.
The wolf, abandoned by his mother, is adopted by the kind woman and raised by her as a dog
It all depends on our attitude towards animals. They all have a kind heart, whether wild or domestic. It is simply because of the difficulties they face
The man who once saved the life of the mother wolf and her pups, 4 years later was saved by her
This is how it all started. One usual day while walking in the forest, a man met a wounded wolf. Seeing that the wolf needed his help, he save him, but