The man, who saved the life of mother wald and her 4 little cubs, decided to visit his old friends after 5 years from that unforgettable days


One day a very thin man was on his way to Kupriyan Island looking for gold. After a while he saw a wolf. The man was so scared that he could not even move for a while. But then he saw that the paw of an animal was trapped.

So he calmed down, realizing that the wolf could not approach him. Soon after, the man carefully examined her and realized that the little cubs of mother walf must be somewhere near. He did not know what to do at first. He thought that if he released the wolf, he might attack him.

But he did not want to leave her in that condition. In that case, both the mother wolf and her cubs could die… He decided to look for the cubs first. He noticed small footprints next to the mother wolf and decided to follow them to reach the cubs. After walking a few meters, he saw a wolf’s hole in the bushes.

As he approached, he understood from the voices that they were wolf cubs. There were four little cubs in the hole. They were very scared and were waiting for their mother because they were very hungry. The man made a quick decision and took them putting them in his bag.

When he went back to the mother wolf, the wolf immediately felt the smell of his cubs and began to howl loudly. When the man opened the bag, they immediately started running to their mother.

At first she started feeding her little cubs, but unfortunately the mother wolf was still trapped and could not move. Every time a person tried to approach her, she started screaming loudly. The wolf was already very hungry. So the man fed him.

The man was trying to gain the wild animal’s trust, and help her get rid of it. So he spent 2 nights there. Her cubs had already got used to the man and immediately accepted him. They even started licking his face, showing their gratitude.

The man was feeding the wolf, playing with the cubs. One day he decided to caress her and was so happy that she did not cry anymore.

Then he still decided to put his hand on her paw and this time she accepted it very calmly. The man was finally able to open the trap and free the animal.

He thought that the wolf would go to the forest with the cubs immediately, but the wolf first approached him and started licking.

He decided to walk with them some distance and after a while seeing a pack of wolves, the man decided to leave the wolves there and leave, shaking his hand as a sign of farewell.

Five years later, when the man decided to come here again, he was not sure he would meet his old friends here. Or they may not remember him after so many years.
However, he decided to go to that fateful place.

As he approached the hole, he heard a howl and saw wolves approaching him.

After sniffing the man, the kind wolf started licking his hand. Then came his four cubs, who was very huge already. The man will always remember that wonderful story and his wonderful friends.

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