After having his leg amputated the old doggy got a new chance at life and is ready to go to his new forever home
I would never want any dog ​​to feel pain. Unfortunately, we come across such stories that simply break our hearts. Happily, there are still many kind
When the Husky was found, he was in a terrible condition, but due to his rescuer he looks unrecognizable now
Husky was abandoned. His previous owners left him completely alone on the street. He was in a terrible condition because he was not used to living on the
After being brutally abused by his previous owner, the sweet Husky has finally found the most caring family ever
Unfortunately, this dog went through a lot of hardships, being brutally abused by the owner. Ryker was already on the verge of death when he was brought to the clinic.
After the baby was born the adorable Husky dog has become the best guardian for her sister
The Siberian Husky is a dog that can boast of its flawless appearance. It always reminds me that he was descended from wolves. They love to play and you
The Siberian Husky, who has a very rare and unique beauty, has simply won the hearts of his followers
Look at this wonderful creature. The husky with a very special and rare beauty has become a real star. It has its own Instagram page and already has a
This Husky dog has previously torn all his toys, but this one has become his true ‘friend’ which looks like him
Her dream finally came true. A college student from Durհam, Nortհ Carolina, has always dreamed of having a small dog, but she knew it needed a lot of care