When the Husky was found, he was in a terrible condition, but due to his rescuer he looks unrecognizable now


Husky was abandoned. His previous owners left him completely alone on the street.

He was in a terrible condition because he was not used to living on the streets and could not survive long.

Fortunately, a man named Rico Sogiarto found him at the exact time.

When he found the dog, he was already suffering from malnutrition.

Here are the serious consequences of reckless actions of people.

The poor dog was really suffering and the abandonment had led to a number of problems.

He stayed hungry for so long that he could hardly even stand up on his own.

The animal wandered the streets for a long time, which caused thousands of naked spots on its fur, and also he had a lot of wounds.

It was so thin that it looked like complex of bones. He had long and very dirty nails and also dirty skin.

He would probably have died if this man had not found him at the right time.

Immediately after finding him, the kind man took him home and began to take care of him.

Rico bathed him very carefully and then fed. After taking proper care of the doggy, he took the dog to a veterinarian.

Ten months have passed since that day and the dog has simply become unrecognizable.

He now has wonderful white fur and healthy look. The sweet dog is so happy now and lives his best life.

He will always be grateful to his beloved daddy.

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