After being brutally abused by his previous owner, the sweet Husky has finally found the most caring family ever


Unfortunately, this dog went through a lot of hardships, being brutally abused by the owner.

Ryker was already on the verge of death when he was brought to the clinic.

After that, his owner asked the doctors to euthanize the dog.

The dog was in an unbearable condition and had absolutely no strength.

But his beautiful eyes showed how full of life the dog had been before it reached that unbearable state.

The rescuers tried to make him happy․ He became so happy when they gave him toys.

Fortunately, thanks to the care of kind people, the dog slowly began to recover and was already feeling quite strong.

Now, it was time for him to find an eternal home where he would forget all the hardships of his life.

Seeing him one family liked the dog so much, that they even drove for 27 hours to adopt him.

There was also another dog in his new home, with whom they immediately became friends and just adore spending time with each other.

Ryker is very happy in his new home. Its new owners say that the dog had a wonderful effect on all of them, filling their home with positive charges and warmth.

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