The baby elephant simply can’t be separated from his heroine anymore who saved his life
The story of this salvation shocked the whole world. Many still claim that animals can not have feelings. But the story of this elephant and his family
Chiang Mai Park presented amazing footage of a baby elephant taking its first bath
For all parents, the baby’s first bath is a very emotional moment. At first the parents are very afraid to do something wrong and harm their child.
After 46 years the blind elephant finanlly got the feeling of freedom for the first time… Such a heart-touching moment
Animals are the most wonderful creatures on our planet,։ it does not matter if they are wild or domestic. All of them need to be properly cared for and
Since 1977 this heroine started taking care of orphaned elephants who lost their mothers because of poaching
Prohibited hunting has become a real threat to our wildlife. Many do not even realize how serious the consequences can be. Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick is
The elephant, who was abandoned by her herd because of her illness, found a support in the former service dog
It is known thatt alephants are one of the smartest animals. This is Ellie,the hero of this story, who was left by her herd because of her illness.
This is Mosha, the first elephant in the whole history to have such a prosthesis implanted
This is Mosha, who is a very special elephant, because unfortunately went through many many difficulties in his life. But he struggled and was saved making
After being rejected by her family, elephant overcame all her difficulties after meeting his best friend
A shelter called Thula Rhino is dedicated to rescuing animals from poachers. Workers also help heal wildlife in critical condition. This is the story of