How a mom elephant tenderly raises her youngster after a fall is a precious moment


Like many other animals, elephants are renowned for being extremely protective of their young.

The calf is constantly cared after by the mother once he learns to walk.

In this heartwarming collection of images, a wildlife photographer captured a charming scenario in which mother elephant cares for her new calf in the South African fauna.

During a river cruise in Botswana, Charl Stols spotted a mother elephant and her calfs approaching a river for a drink.

The sweetest thing a mother can do for her kid was unintentionally caught on camera when he decided to take some pictures of them.

The newborn elephant fell a few times as a result of the unfriendly environment.

Thankfully, his mother was there whenever he needed assistance getting up using her trunk.

Moms are expected to assist and safeguard their young children; this is what they do!

The tiniest elephant was just a few hours born and still had pink skin, according to the Stols.

The mother tenderly assisted the infant in lifting himself up using her trunk after he fell many times at the river’s bank.

Even the photographer who used to picture elephant families was moved by this sweet scenario.

It was a very special moment, Stols said.”Chobe is home to numerous elephants, but that one had to be the smallest elephant I’d ever seen.

Unexpectedly, they even managed to swim all the way across a river to an island with the small one.

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