After more than eleven years of being lost the sweet cat finally reunited with his mom
O’Connell worked at DCSPCA. Not long ago they found a cat.  The cat did not want anyone to approach հim, but they tried their best to gain his trust
Three dogs meet their newborn little brother for the first time and they just adore him
We don’t see it often, when a little cat has a dog best friend. But instead of one, they are three, three sweet dogs. This wonderful cat is the luckiest
The owner of the cat makes a wonderful bedroom for him by changing the back wall of their house
This wonderful family welcomed Wyatt, the beloved rescue cat, into their home and into their hearts. The curious cat loved to watch the squirrels and birds
The couple went to the shelter to adopt a kitty, but in the end a unique cat ‘adopted’ them instead.
When Nathaniel and Eliot Greeո went to the Lyncհburg Humanitarian Association for the so-called ‘Free Cat Friday’, they wanted to to find a