Three dogs meet their newborn little brother for the first time and they just adore him


We don’t see it often, when a little cat has a dog best friend. But instead of one, they are three, three sweet dogs.

This wonderful cat is the luckiest and most protected creature ever because it has the biggest and strongest protectors – three dog siblings who just adore this little one.

The 2 Goldens and Haski can not get enough of their cat friend.

They are not even aware that they are going to have one more. Their love for the cat is simply boundless.

They spend the whole day together, playing, eating, sleeping.

As it turned out, the beloved cat was pregnant. She has just given birth, an adorable baby.

I can imagine the joy and excitement of dogs. A caring mother spends a lot of time with her newborn baby.

She feeds him, cares for him and playes with him. The time has finally come for the newborn kitten to meet its older siblings, who are looking forward to it.

On the first day of the meeting, the three adorable dogs were sitting at the door, watching the kitten with great admiration.

They sat around him, just wanting to follow his every move. They were so gentle with him.

The presence of the little cat made the dogs and all the members of the family even happier.

They love each other so much and love to spend fun time together and hug each other all the time.

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