After more than eleven years of being lost the sweet cat finally reunited with his mom


O’Connell worked at DCSPCA. Not long ago they found a cat.  The cat did not want anyone to approach հim, but they tried their best to gain his trust

His wife and son, Dan, have been doing their best to earn the cat’s trust for the past few years and the results are obvious.

The cat has changed a lot now and feels very safe.

One day the woman decided to bring the scanner home from work to check if the cat was chipped.

And it turned out he has a family. It turned out that the cat had run away from home in horror on Halloween night.

His family did everything they could to find him, but they did not succeed.

He was nowhere to be found. After finding the chip, the woman contacted her family and they agreed to meet at the shelter.

Because he had not seen his mother for so long, they were not sure he would recognize her.

Maggie Wells went to the shelter as soon as possible, hoping that everything would be all right.

Seeing his beloved cat, he hurried to her. As soon as he entered the room, it was such a moving moment ․․․

The cat hugged him tightly and did not want to let go. It was unbelievable that after so many years he recognized his owner.

The cat hugged him and put his head on his shoulder. What an exciting reunion.

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