Be a genius and find all the 4 mistakes here!


If you enjoy challenging your powers of observation while having a delightful time, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Today, you will engage in a quest to identify various errors in a set of captivating picture puzzles shared by Bright Side.

These mind-bending challenges will not only put your visual skills to the test but also require you to discern the tiniest abnormalities in the world around you.

Are you prepared for the initial examination?

In the image above, observe two divers gracefully navigating through fish and dolphins in a stunning coral reef.

A multitude of fish accompanies them as they revel in the vibrant hues of various corals.

However, concealed within this picturesque scene are four significant errors.

Can you identify them in under a minute?

The rules are straightforward – uncover all four mistakes to successfully navigate this test!

To guide you in the right direction, here are a few clues.

One of the errors lurks on the seafloor, while another involves one of the divers.

As for the remaining two mistakes, a more detailed inspection of those charming animals is required!

How many mistakes did you detect unaided?

Hopefully, you found all of them because this was just a warm-up!

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