If you understand in 5 seconds which team will win in tug of war, you are very intelligent.


The psychological test we propose today puts your intellectual abilities to the test.

It’s simply about observing the image and concentrating to understand which of the two teams will win in tug of war.

If you manage to solve the puzzle in 5 seconds, it means you are very intelligent.

There are no great mysteries hidden behind this image.

It’s just about being very focused and carefully observing the photo.

There is a small detail that will help you solve this test.

The skill lies in finding the solution within 5 seconds.

In this way, the test aims to evaluate your intellectual abilities.

Lately, on the web and various social media, these visual games that test your intelligence are becoming increasingly popular.

In this case, however, true skill lies in solving the test in 5 seconds.

To be well-prepared for the new tests we propose, we recommend training your mind by engaging with the numerous challenges presented in the past.

Only in this way will your intellectual abilities be increasingly ready to respond to these challenges.

But going back to the proposed image, were you able to figure out which of the two teams will win in tug of war?

The team on the right or the one on the left?

You need to observe the photo very carefully, and you will notice a small detail that will allow you to solve the problem.

If you couldn’t figure out which team will emerge victorious, we’ll reveal the solution.

The winning team is the one on the right because you can glimpse the hand of a third member, which will allow them to pull the rope more effectively and thus win this game.

Were you able to notice this small detail in 5 seconds?

If the answer is negative, don’t be discouraged.

There is always time to undergo this kind of test.

The important thing is to keep trying consistently.

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