If you can figure out who the lover is in this photo, you are very intelligent.


Infidelity is an extremely delicate topic and, as expected, is judged very negatively by most people.

It’s a theme that is not only related to couples because one can be unfaithful to a mission, an oath, or some kind of ideology.

In this case, we’re talking about one of the oldest themes in the world: people who have a lover and, therefore, betrayal in a relationship.

The most natural reaction to such unpleasant and painful events is undoubtedly the end of a romantic relationship.

Betrayal, whether emotional or physical, breaks a sort of oath.

The exclusivity of a “special” person is lost.

There seems to be a technique to expose the unfaithful and clear “signs” also exist.

Obviously, there are no specific personalities or individuals who can predictably be labeled as “inclined” to betrayal.

The phenomenon is so widespread and unpredictable that it’s impossible to find a characteristic in a person at first sight that can communicate that tendency.

There are common traits, however, that you can learn to recognize to unmask a person who is betraying you.

The first reaction of all, to emphasize, is to talk to your partner, address the doubt immediately, and overcome the problem without filters.

We can define the following “guide” with a playful and non-scientific purpose because there are so many variations and aspects that it’s impossible to draft a handbook for a good “anti-betrayal” investigator.

Playing along, we can briefly do an observation test that is quite a valid and not-so-trivial rule to pay attention to. In the following image, who could be the lover of the man holding his wife’s hand on the left?

Observe carefully, give your answer, and then scroll down for the explanation.

It may be a game, but it doesn’t hurt to train the mind while also practicing your observation of the people around you if you have any “strange” doubts.

Who is the lover? Solution and explanation:

The correct answer is number 1. And why should it be her in this case?

The wife’s necklace and the earrings of woman number 1 are a set.

In other words, they belong to the same series and would look good on the same person.

The man in question could indeed be unfaithful and have used the same jewelry for two people!

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