If you find the hidden rabbit in 15 seconds, you are a true genius.


This viral challenge is gaining popularity on social media and tests your intellectual abilities.

It’s just a matter of carefully observing the image and trying to find the rabbit.

However, you must do it within 15 seconds.

So, with a stopwatch in hand, let’s start the test.

The image we present represents a room with people: some are laughing, while others have puzzled expressions on their faces.

We don’t know what is happening among them, but the purpose of the test is different: find the hidden rabbit in the photo.

It’s not easy at all to find it, but if you’re used to playing games of this type, your mind will certainly be trained.

You need to concentrate and observe the photo carefully.

Where is the rabbit? Answer this question within 15 seconds.

If you still haven’t found the rabbit, it means your intellectual abilities are not sufficiently trained to face these challenges.

The only way to be prepared is to get involved and look for puzzles and online pastimes to improve and stimulate your mind.

Meanwhile, we’ll show you the solution to the puzzle. Here’s where the hidden rabbit is.

We told you that solving the question was not easy at all, but only a brilliant mind would succeed.

Challenges like this go viral because more and more people get involved and try to compete with friends and family for an extra stimulus and to see who wins.

You can also involve the younger ones and get them used to facing puzzles of this kind to have an alert and skillful mind from the start.

If you couldn’t find the answer to the puzzle, don’t give up.

The only thing you need to do is keep training and challenging yourself in games like this.

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