If you have halk eyes, find the turtle in the bedroom!


A challenging task awaits the 2% with eagle eyes: Spot the turtle cleverly hidden in a bedroom within a brief 11-second timeframe!

Attention, sharp-eyed investigators and puzzle enthusiasts, your mission is to uncover the elusive turtle’s hiding place.

The twist? You’ve got just 11 seconds to locate it!

Visual puzzles that put your IQ and perceptual skills to the test offer more than mere entertainment; they serve as potent tools for boosting brain function.

These puzzles, ranging from finding hidden objects to identifying differences or unraveling optical illusions, transcend simple amusement.

They actively involve your brain in intricate problem-solving, demanding a fusion of cognitive functions to unravel.

For those still in pursuit of the elusive turtle in the image, scroll down for the solution.

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