If you find all the differences in the two images in just 9 seconds, you are truly a genius.


The visual challenge we are about to present is very complex.

Only careful observers will notice all the differences between the two images.

The difficulty also lies in the time limit: you have only 9 seconds to identify all the details in which the two photos differ.

Try to concentrate and find the specific details that are different between one figure and the other.

With the stopwatch in hand, let the game begin. Observe the images carefully and try to find the differences.

Among the various games that are popular on the web, this is one of the most sought after.

Thanks to visual challenges, games, and puzzles of this kind, there is the opportunity to improve intellectual skills and stimulate our brain more and more.

These are alternatives to keep the mind sharp.

You can also involve children to start training their minds right away.

You can even challenge friends and family to create a real competition.

Who will be able to find all the differences in just 9 seconds?

In the meantime, we can suggest that you only need to find three differences between one photo and the other.

Did you manage to do it? These are small details that often escape people’s minds.

But if you sharpen your sight, you’ll be able to spot them.

It only takes careful but quick observation to identify all the parts in which the two images differ.

If you have reached this point and haven’t found all the different details between one photo and the other, we’ll provide you with the solution.

The differences are marked inside the red circles: the girl’s ponytail, the fringe, and the pigeon’s reversed bag.

The imposed time of 9 seconds was truly limited, but the real difficulty lay in identifying all the differences quickly.

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