Use your wit to figure out who among the three men is carrying the heaviest load on their shoulders.


In an era where finding some healthy and enjoyable leisure time becomes increasingly challenging, a growing number of people are seeking new forms of entertainment.

In this regard, the web offers itself as a useful and extensive field of options, allowing users to engage in the so-called “visual tests.”

These are real challenges that stimulate various areas of our brain.

In today’s article, we will exclusively focus on your logical skills in attempting to solve the following visual test.

It features three men depicted while carrying a large log on their shoulders.

The question you will be asked to answer is: which of the three men is carrying the heaviest load?

Visual tests respond to two specific requests. On one hand, there are those that, by their nature, tend to stimulate areas related to logical-intuitive thinking when facing a visual puzzle or riddle.

On the other hand, there are types of tests that are inherently introspective, investigating and revealing psychological aspects of the human soul.

A distinctive element that unites logical tests is the limited time provided to the player to solve the test.

In the case of the current challenge, the user is indeed called to perform and solve the visual puzzle within a precise timeframe: just seven seconds.

As mentioned, the goal of the test is to discover which of the three men depicted in the illustration is carrying the heaviest load.

Trust your logical and intuitive abilities and avoid getting distracted.

You will see that you can arrive at the correct solution. Good luck!

Visual challenge solution: here’s who among the three men is carrying the heaviest load on their shoulders.

So? Did you manage to solve the visual riddle and figure out which of the three depicted men is carrying the heaviest load?

If the answer is affirmative, we can only offer our heartfelt congratulations!

It was not easy to arrive at the solution in just seven seconds.

If not, don’t worry: you will surely have other opportunities in the future to test your intellectual skills.

Above, we present the image containing the solution to the visual test.”

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