Solve the riddle: One of them is guilty, find out who it is.


Do you want to spend a relaxing moment of your day engaging in a playful activity?

If your answer is yes, then you can’t miss this fun game suitable for everyone, young and old.

The goal is to identify, in just 5 seconds, which of the characters depicted below is the culprit.

Wondering what crime has been committed? Read below, and you’ll find out.

In the presented photo, there are four people: a man with a child, a pregnant woman, and a girl strolling.

However, only one of them has committed a crime and is guilty of the wrongdoing: you have to figure out within 5 seconds who stole the cat among them.

Start the timer and focus on the image. The time limit is indeed short, but by engaging in increasingly challenging challenges, you can stimulate your brain more.

Try to carefully observe all the individual details of the photo to understand who could be the culprit.

But do it quickly because 5 seconds pass by in a flash.

Have you figured out who stole the cat? If you want to read the solution or verify your answer on who the culprit might be, just scroll down to find the solved image.

If you couldn’t identify the person who stole the cat or if the 5 seconds have passed, don’t be discouraged.

Only by trying many games of this kind can you improve your intellectual and concentration skills.

The person who stole the cat was the child.

In fact, if you look closely and zoom in on the image, you will notice that the tail of the animal is sticking out from under the child’s shirt.

All it took was a bit of observation and concentration, and you would have easily found the culprit.

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