Logical challenge: use your intellect to understand from which tap the water flows faster.


Intelligence tests aim to assess your problem-solving abilities in shorter or longer times.

Based on the answers you provide, an important aspect of your reasoning will be outlined.

Today, we present you with an enigma that not only measures the level of intelligence but also reveals aspects of your personality that you may not be aware of.

Take on the challenge of the tap and flowing water, and we will tell you more about yourself.

In the image below, four taps are depicted, each with water flowing in a different way.

Based on your logical sense, you need to determine from which tap the water flows more quickly.

Of course, there is a correct answer, but for each response, we will explain an aspect of your personality and the level of intelligence used to tackle this game.

It’s not a time challenge, but you can calmly think about which tap you believe the water flows faster from.

Even though there is no time limit, try to respond instinctively.

Reading below, you will find aspects of your personality based on each given answer.

Tap number 1: It’s not the correct answer, but your intuition did not lead you far.

Apply yourself more next time. Have more confidence in your abilities.

Tap number 2: This is also not the correct answer.

If you thought this was the solution, you are mistaken, but know that your mental flexibility and problem-solving ability are important characteristics of your personality.

Tap number 3: Even this is not the right answer.

However, based on your thinking, you are original and creative people.

You know how to approach life with the right lightness.

However, try to believe more in yourselves.

Tap number 4: If you answered with number 4, know that you are true geniuses.

You have the right ability to grasp the smallest details and to logically reason to find correct solutions.

What answer did you give? If you enjoyed this test, share it with your friends and family and put their intellectual abilities to the test.

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