Test optical: If you can find the second dog in the image, you are truly intelligent.


Optical illusions, as well as puzzles and mathematical tests, are excellent for keeping our brains in shape.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, these types of tests are always fun to solve.

Just dedicating a few minutes a day to this type of exercise can result in immediate benefits.

Tests are indeed very useful for improving concentration and enhancing reasoning speed.

Keep in mind that our brain functions like a muscle: it needs to be trained to be as efficient as possible.

In addition to being helpful, tests can also be an excellent pastime to enjoy with friends and family.

How do optical illusions work? The optical effect occurs through perspective, colors, or distance.

What our brain perceives is actually different from what it really is.

So, initially, there are elements that can escape our view.

However, if we focus, we can succeed in finding the solution.

There is no specific method to apply to solve this type of test.

It’s about reasoning and observing as quickly as possible, capturing all the necessary information.

It’s certainly not easy, but you can do it. In this case, you only have 10 seconds; can you do it?

In the following image, we see two women dressed in medieval attire, talking together.

One has a basket of mushrooms in her hand and a dog hiding behind her.

The other has red hair and a bright pink dress. We are in a forest at sunset.

Everything seems normal, but there is actually another hidden dog. Can you see it?

Did you manage to find the solution? If the answer is no, let us help you.

If you look closely at the dress of the woman with red hair, you will notice that around her arms, there is a shawl that is, in fact, a dog.

Can you see it now?

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