Test of logic: utilize your intelligence and find the 5 errors in 9 seconds. Only 1% succeeds


Having good visual skills entails a sharp and agile mind in solving challenges and puzzles.

Increasingly, on the web, images and timed tests circulate, testing the intellectual quotient of those who decide to engage in these games.

This type of mental exercise stimulates the brain to have good logical-deductive abilities.

Today, we want to present a logic test based on identifying 5 errors.

But there’s a time limit of only 9 seconds.

If you manage to complete the challenge, you can consider yourselves true quiz experts.

Today’s timed challenge has gained much success among web users and has gone viral.

The goal is to find the 5 errors in the image, but you have to do it in just 9 seconds.

The real difficulty lies in the imposed time limit.

Successfully solving this logic puzzle within the required 9 seconds means having excellent visual agility and a good training background.

In fact, only a mind that has already attempted other challenges and intelligence tests like this has achieved excellent results.

But if it’s your first time engaging in a logic game, you may encounter greater difficulty in solving the enigma.

Carefully observe the image and respond as quickly as possible.

Where are the 5 errors hidden? You must pay attention to every single detail and try to spot the details that are absolutely wrong and out of place.

Did you find the 5 errors? If you want to compare your answer with the final solution, we provide the resolution of the logic challenge below.

The errors are all indicated by the arrow, and upon closer inspection, they are all rather curious and bizarre details.

Continue to train your mind by challenging friends and family in new logic tests and visual puzzles.

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